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During our first year, we have seen so many women come in looking for a place to get fit and become healthy, and we have seen them transform! Some women have never exercised before, and now feel very comfortable at Miss Fitness. Some women came with health problems, and now are fit and pain free. Some women came in feeling hopeless with their out of shape bodies and tired minds, now are feeling confident and feeling good. Some women came in to meet other women with the same mindset, and made friends!

Miss Fitness has created the right formula to help women reach these amazing changes with our Fun. Train. Love program! We make fitness fun, we have professional and knowledgeable trainers, and we teach women to love themselves. Miss Fitness will continue our mission to provide health education and health restoration for all women of Vietnam.In our second year we will expand, so that many more women can reach Miss Fitness and change their lives! We are excited to bring Miss Fitness to more locations and ready to grow.