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Happy new year of the Tiger! Nutrifort has had quite a busy 2009 and would like to thank all of our friends for their help and continued support to make 2010 even more successful.

Here are some of our activities over the last year and upcoming ones:

1. Since December 2009, Nutrifort signed on with Yeah1 TV on SCTV4 (soon to go nationwide) to do a health and fitness show weekly every Friday at 20:00h. This show features all the latest exercise from the United States and Europe, with a regular look at healthy dining and cooking of delicious recipes. Many Vietnamese celebrities are invited to host the show with Nicole to encourage a new generation of healthy living and lifestyle.
2. Nutrifort fitness trainers have all gone through an Emergency First Response training, and will receive continued education monthly from our fitness manager Keith Webb with the help of our new neighbors Rainbow Divers.
3. Nutrifort is happy to welcome Dr. David Tran, Osteopath to treat patients at both our Q1 and Q2 facilities.
4. Since last year, Nutrifort has been working with Karen Hardy from Family Medical Practice to promote health and fitness through her newly founded Saigon International Mother Baby Association. We have special fitness classes for mothers to be and offer pregnancy massages as well.
5. Soon you will be able to go online and lose weight with our safe and effective weight loss program. For all of you who want to join Nutrifort but cannot reach our 2 locations, this will be the perfect opportunity for you to access us on the web.
6. New Items available at NTFQ2:
* Polar heart rate monitors. The best selling monitors displaying heart rate but also body measurement features, target zone, calorie expenditure and training program. If you are serious about fitness training and want to see clear results, a Polar monitor is a must have!
* All natural vitamins and herbal supplements from the United States. We carry the necessary supplements from a multivitamin with ginseng to more specific items such as green tea extract and omega 3 softgels. Since all products are legally licensed, they are very reasonably priced.

Stay tune, Nutrifort will continue to provide you with the best and latest information available to us concerning your health and fitness.