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Nutrifort is launching a weight loss reality show with Yeah1 TV starting April 2010. We are looking for contestants with the following conditions:

1. Male or Female overweight by more than 20Kg.
2. Agree to be televised regularly during the 4 months of show.
3. Commit to a strict regimen of fitness and nutritional training during 4 months.
4. Sign up via email at: nicole@nutrifort.com or here

Please write a short story about yourself and why you should be chosen from our panel of judges to participate in our contest.

Nutrifort will provide each contestant with a personal trainer – this will also represent a competition between trainers from Nutrifort! Contestants will receive a fitness assessment and regular check-ups with our physician. Nicole will provide a nutrition program for each contestant to follow during their grueling competition. Weekly shows with Yeah1 TV will televise the contestants training at Nutrifort and surprise visits to their home during meal time! The winners - both contestant and trainer will receive a trip (flights and accommodations) to Thailand for 4 days.

Interviews with contestants and trainers will captivate audience every Friday at 8pm to vote for their favorite contestant and trainer. TV audience will also win prizes such as memberships to Nutrifort Fitness clubs (NTFQ1 or NTFQ2), gift certificates to Good Eats and NTFQ2 Spa for voting online