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NUTRIFORT is more than just the voice of health and fitness in HCMC. Because there is a real person behind the company who cares about YOUR health, Nicole has put a lot of thought and care into every product and service we provide. From the careful training of all managing staff, fitness trainers and instructors, to the choice of classes, maintenance of facilities, Nicole has tested every product we sell and service. Whether a member is looking to stay fit or needs help with particular ailments such as back or knee pain, or obesity or pregnancy, we can prepare a program for each person.

GOOD EATS is an extension of our thoughtful activities from the kitchen. We serve healthy/weight loss meals to people on the run who don’t have time to cook their meals. With an extensive background in nutrition, Nicole has prepared an easy and convenient set menu and snacks that can be delivered daily. While eating our food, you will learn what, how, and when to eat to keep your physical health!

We offer a complete health program from exercise training, healthy food service to therapeutic massages - all with international standards and quality. Nutrifort invites you to experience the difference!