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Back pain is the second most common health reason people come to NUTRIFORT. Upon completion of a full health assessment (and recommendation from a physician), NICOLE will design an exercise program for clients suffering from chronic back pain. Clients will be provided a trainer to show gentle and safe exercises to perform using Pilates method which focus on strengthening core abdominals.

Since most back disorders come from poor posture, all the training will demonstrateproper methods to restore spine alignment through muscle support. It is also a fact that most back pain does not originate in the back, but is a result from tight muscles in the hamstrings or glutes area, or imbalanced hip movement, etc. And when these muscles tightened or are overused, they pull in for other muscles to compensate, and usually bring all the tension into the back! Therefore, we feel that clients should also have “homework” to take with them so they can practice most exercises on their own. This is imperative for pain alleviation: Clients need to perform simple stretches and important movements throughout the day, and not just during the hour of training.