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  • Nutrifort will soon franchise the company in order to open multiple locations. Details to be followed
  • Nutrifort is also offering equity shares in the project. The minimum investment for the project is USD$100,000.00 which will represent a 4.9% share of equity in the company. Nutrifort will distribute dividends and benefits as follows:
    • After 3 years of operation, Nutrifort will distribute on a prorated basis a portion of net profit. Net profit distribution amount will be determined by the operating manager. All accounting information will be provided to investor(s) every 6 months
    • If investor(s) want to sell his/her share, Nutrifort shall exercise right of first refusal to purchase such shares at market value at time of sale. Share value will be determined by an independent financial firm after evaluation of company’s financial reports based on an average gathered from multiples of net profits from previous years of operation. Once share value has been determined and in the event that Nutrifort elects to waive their right of first refusal, the share price cannot be discounted.
    • Nutrifort reserves the right to sell the company, at which time all negotiations and agreements will be determined by Nicole Hankins. Buyer of company will have the right to purchase shares from the investor(s) at market value as determined in the above clause or retain the investor(s) as partners.
    • The investor(s) would be an equity owner in the company, and as such would not be required to pay any membership dues or other memberships fees (initiation or annual fees) to the facility, and also receive limited complimentary spa services and food/beverage services provided at the club (details to be announced). Up to 3 people per mininum investment will receive such benefits. All special equity owner services, benefits and perks wtriill terminate with the sale or liquidation o shares.
    • The investor(s) would be recognized as a limited partner equity owner in the club and would receive the benefits and prestige as an owner of the company. However the investor(s) would not have any managerial rights or voting rights with respect to the day to day operation of the club.