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Gym Design and Construction Consultancy Services

NUTRIFORT offers complete gym design, floor layout, equipment selection and purchase and management services for new and existing gyms. We will provide complete consultation services beginning with choosing the location, suggesting qualified designers, architects and equipment suppliers and provide oversight through all aspects of the project.

NUTRIFORT has provided the consultancy services on multiple gyms through Ho Chi Minh City to numerous property developers. We have provided consultancy services and operational support to Novaland, Diamond Island and Thao Dien Pearl. We have working relationships with design groups, architects, gym flooring contractors, equipment suppliers and equipment maintenance professionals.

Nutrifort shall liaise for design and specifications together with the chosen project architect and other nominated consultants mutually agreed upon such as M & E, lighting, interior design and interior fit out.

Nutrifort shall provide to the owner a range of strategic, technical, commercial and project coordination services and shall liaise with the Owner’s Project Manager and other consultants involved in developing the Project on behalf of the owner.

Nutrifort will establish a conceptual facilities and space planning program as well as a preliminary floor plan for presentation and use by the project Architect.

Nutrifort will recommend and specify all specialty fitness and sports surfacing deemed necessary to be compatible with the project concept and standards of interior design.

Nutrifort will specify key operating equipment including fitness equipment, computer operating systems, sound systems etc. in accordance with the operating concept and market position of the facility.

Nutrifort will establish a pre-opening and start up budget including staffing, marketing, graphics and printing, and other project “soft costs”. Nutrifort will also establish a staffing and organizational plan. Accordingly, Nutrifort will select, recruit, sign labor contracts with qualified staff; train, relocate, deal with all labor issues and pay all compensations to such qualified staff at its own costs, including but not limited to:

  • Hire and train the club membership manager(s) and membership secretary.
  • Hire and train the club Financial Controller, and Fitness Manager

Nutrifort will establish categories of membership, pricing policies, membership by laws, application forms, all pre-opening stationary, club logo’s, and graphic design, Nutrifort shall oversee the final interior decorations of the club and in accordance with the design and purpose of the space.