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NUTRIFORT believes that Pilates is a form of exercise for everyone - young or old, fit or flabby. Like many other kinds of exercise, Pilates increases metabolism, promotes respiratory and circulatory function, and improves your bone density to prevent osteoporosis, and improves muscle tone. In addition, Pilates balances out muscular asymmetries, streamlines your silhouette, and improves your balance, coordination, and breath control. Pilates does all this because the exercises work to simultaneously develop your muscular flexibility and your strength.

For the first time in Vietnam, NUTRIFORT can provide Pilates exercises on equipment(reformer, spine corrector and stability chair). On the Reformer, exercises are anatomically sound and help with body alignment and balance, and fix poor posture. These exercises also help extend into how you use your body every day. Whether you're getting out of a car, sitting at a desk, carrying a baby, or walking your dog, your muscles will function at optimal capacity, holding your skeleton in proper alignment at all times. You'll find that everything you do reinforces Pilates, and vice versa.

NICOLE incorporates the Pilates method in all private training courses and spinning classes. Clients will have the opportunity to learn very specific exercises to enhance core strength, and improve posture. Our trainers are certified to teach Pilates by NICOLE with over 15 years of experience.