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NUTRIFORT can provide an exercise and nutrition program for pregnant ladies.

Research found that exercise during pregnancies can help mothers feel better, give them energy, improves their mood and sense of well-being, eases discomforts such as backaches, constipation, bloating, swelling and fatigue. It is also proven that the effects of nutrition on mothers’ bodies are endless and endlessly significant. But they are even more significant during pregnancy, when what they put in your mouth affects not only them, but their developing baby as well.

NICOLE will design a pregnancy fitness and nutrition program that can prepare pregnant clients for the rigors of labor and delivery, improve sleep and recover from childbirth more quickly. Exercises will focus on strengthening and stretching muscles that would help mothers during and after delivery. As the months progress, we will change the program to adjust to the mother’s needs. It is also important to know that exercise help mothers with post-partum syndrome, and alleviate their mood changes.