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1. Team building events for groups of 20-30 staff members for half a day that includes fitness training and healthy lunch to follow at NTFQ2/GOOD EATS. These events are designed to cater to small companies (with small budgets) but proven to be very effective results for staff collaboration. Because companies can do these events more frequently (once a month or once a quarter), the staff are more fit and healthy physically and emotionally.

2. We can come to your office and provide a fitness and nutrition talk. Usually about an hour duration, where we demonstrate some basic exercises to do at the desk; and a nutritional seminar with many topics such as: “eat on the run”, “sugar addiction”, “safe weight loss “ etc.

3. We can provide a healthy lunch for your team or important guests.

4. We can provide healthy snacks (no sugar, preservatives, unsaturated fats etc) for your office.