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Many of NUTRIFORT's exercises are specifically designed to help clients with weight loss. We combine cardio and resistance training in our program. We calculate each client’s fat burning heart rate zone and help them reach that number. Also, we provide nutritional counseling and calorie calculation for each person based on their lifestyle and food preferences.

NICOLE will design a fitness program along with a nutrition program that would fit each client. Every month, we re-measure and follow up with each client to provide a progress report. If the program needs adjustment, then we will adjust accordingly. The key is to create a program that would provide clients with long term safe and effective weight loss with a maintenance program. Our nutritionist will guide clients to attain permanent goal weight through a healthy guideline of food portion, choices and education.

Nutrifort has designed a 3 months program for brides to be.  If you wish to fit in your wedding dress and only have a short time to spare, we can help you reach your goal.  Our training program is tailored to brides with a few kilos to shred until the day they say “I do!”